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The James New York Hotel: SoHo NYC Hotels

SoHo NYC Hotels: The James New York Hotel. James, synonymous homogeneous mixture of modern, residential-style, state of the art technology and customer-oriented services to find the location of Chicago, will bring the same attributes of your new property in New York. James of New York, a newly built hotel anchoring the southwest corner of Soho Grand and Thompson Street, will open September 1, 2010 with 114 rooms and suites with natural light and stunning views of Manhattan. The property acts as a beacon, showing the connection between the Soho and Tribeca art industrial qualities.

James Hotel New York
James Hotel New York

Hotel Address:

The James New York
27 Grand Street
New York , NY 10013
United States


In homage to the creative zone, which he calls home, The James New York will feature a mix of local artists, major and round. This program reflects the commitment to the arts and the brand is an extension of its vast cultural properties sister associations in Chicago.

“The elegant and rich culture of Soho is the perfect home for James in New York, which offers an ideal setting for a fine blend of the brand’s design exquisite craftsmanship, service perfectly intuitive and personalized comfort” Brooke said Barrett, co-CEO of Denihan Hospitality Group, owners and operators of the mark of James.

“Our strategy was to identify a hotel group with new ideas and new ways of thinking,” said Shai Shamir, CEO of Brack Capital Real Estate, (CSEA) owner and developer of New York James. “The James brand embodies the modern version of a luxury hotel with a strong emphasis on design and service, making it the perfect complement to the Soho hotel landscape.”

The James New York Hotel

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Living spaces

James of New York will offer personalized comfort, generous free services, furniture, modern and impeccable service to create an environment that is ideal for business travelers and leisure in each of the 114 rooms, including the corner of the views surround spacious, four bedroom suites and a 1300 sq.-ft. Penthouse Loft, located on floor 15.

The details of the environment can be found reflected in the property, including scrap wood and rugs made from all natural fibers, which are complemented by a color scheme inspired by nature in general, including cool blues and earthy browns. No detail has been overlooked, with the functions provided in full consciousness, as power readily available, reading the headers of the lights and large bathroom with huge shower, separate living room by a glass wall from floor to roof and a remote screen for privacy. Screens, controlled by a local award winning artist, as a mixture and function within the room allowing beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline and provide an additional piece of furniture, art decor inspired by nature.

The Loft Penthouse is the epitome of luxury living, including a full bathroom with tub and separate shower double, another half bath for guests, a dining room, bar, master bedroom and a large living room with sweeping views of the river, two bridges including the Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Social spaces

Inspired by the picturesque location at the crossroads of New York neighborhoods of SoHo and TriBeCa famous design studio in New York James is dedicated to natural light and open spaces, two elements that are traditionally difficult to find in hotels in New York.

The Sky Lobby, the third floor of glass and reception is accessible by a glass elevator that takes visitors from the entrance on the ground floor and a private dining room business networks. The glass walls offer a view of the sculpture garden near Lent space, exhibition space and execution of care by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

The exterior of the second floor has a luxurious urban design, a welcome respite for guests above the hustle and bustle and uproar. The outdoor space is further optimized with a meeting room, which makes a perfect special event in a modern meeting space, indoor / outdoor video conferencing with state of the art room individual capacity dining room.

It has the most sexy and coveted hotel is the rooftop bar and lounge overlooking the spectacular city skyline framed by the architecture of the hotel “halo”, a private pool with spa cabanas and a bar with seating inside and out of fun for the warm weather and relaxation.

The New York James also feature offers head-oriented restaurant and bar on site. James is working to find a partner who will support the successful offerings of food and beverages are currently in The James Chicago.

In the field of hospitality, The James hotels, with offices in Chicago and New York, are authentic, warm, modern hotels, luxury, residential-style free of tradition. The basic philosophy of the brand is evident in all aesthetic properties located design, culture and personal service and intuitive. The New York James will be released in the summer of 2010 as an elegant alternative to the business traveler and leisure and is located near the corner of Grand and Thompson streets, measured from the southern end of the Sixth Avenue and the famous neighborhood of Tribeca. James of New York will feature unique spaces for special events, the participation of guests and illustrations of the seasonal rotation.

Location Summary
The James New York will debut summer 2010 as a stylish alternative for the discerning business and leisure traveler and is located near the corner of Grand and Thompson Streets, steps from the southern end of Sixth Avenue and the famous Tribeca neighborhood.

Directions to Hotel
The closest airports to The James New York Soho are LaGuardia, JFK and Newark.