Makeka Design Lab designs self sustaining transport center for Athlone. Eco friendly buildings seem to rise, bodes well for green vision. The integration of sustainability and design, Makeka Design Lab has created an echo of comfortable and stylish seat regional public transport in Athlone, Cape Town.Public transport called Shared Services Centre, the building will seek to integrate the different ethnic groups and races of people living in Cape Town. The seat of self-sustaining, also appeal to non-toxic building materials and natural light and ventilation.

The Public Transport Shared Services Center

The Public Transport Shared Services Center

Urban design will maximize winter sunlight through the efficient floor plates, which allow natural light to penetrate. The venue will be constructed so that it is not the chiaroscuro to reach other nearby buildings, while also taking into account the direction of sunrise and sunset.

The north facade of the building will look like solar chimneys, light shelves and grids to help the innovative HVAC system that eventually will be 60 percent more efficient than standard systems.

The center’s electricity needs, in turn, be complemented by solar panels. To make the building more self-sufficient, solar geysers water used to heat the water, while wastewater will be treated for hunting and for irrigation.

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Makeka, in their efforts to make the carbon footprint at least possible, use construction materials that are not toxic and come from renewable sources. The concrete used has increased fly ash content, while timber plantations will be certified.

Atria and bridges are seen running through the building to symbolize the movement. Local workers such as youth, women and unskilled and semi-shall be engaged in the construction process. Once completed, the center will be able to accommodate a workforce of 400, a bus testing facility and an elegant interface client’s public cum.

Images Credit: Makeka Design Lab