Evobean Coffee Kiosk

The Stunning Design of The Evobean coffee kiosk

The Stunning design of the coffee booth attracted him, and once inside, you’ll love most remarkable features of this cell. This is an ecological coffee kiosk in the office does not remain in one place and a modern design and visionary ahead will undoubtedly attract customers. The interior is well planned, airy and bright, thanks to the long carved windows.

Evobean Coffee Kiosk
Evobean Coffee Kiosk

Recovered materials were ubiquitous green to expose the influence behind the design.

The structure is quite robust. The columns installed in the cabin add to its appearance and also provide much functional significance. Columns and beamscan support squatting vertical load of the structure. The thin columns and beamssupport the lateral load management, which comes into play when the kiosk is towed. All columns are associated with the roof to the front is finished and tidy.

Images of Evobean coffee kiosk

The interior has been carefully planned. There is enough space for all necessary materials, despite the compact size. You can fit in a meter box with large and small reservoirs and wells. Full equipment, such as Barista coffee machine,coffee grinder, blender, refrigerator, ice maker, and will stay inside.

Since space is limited, the interiors have been noted in the ability to manageworkflow. In fact, space has been planned so that employees feel relaxed and refreshed all the time. In addition, the kiosk has several ecological qualities. The panels and skylights translucent corrugated cardboard recycling have been installed on the roof and recycled materials were used in its construction, giving a green label.

Images Credit: Dave Eaton: Evobean coffee kiosk