Tomioka Station 3D Architectures a542Ideas

Tomioka Station: New Modern Look Architecture

Tomioka station as designed by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan for MisoSoup Design Competition offers a very attractive and modern architecture of the station. Tomioka station is essentially supposed to be the gateway to the Tomioka Silk Factory ancient legend, which may soon become a World Heritage site, and this awesome design do justice to the reputation of the silk factory and show than worthy of its name. Modernist design Tomioka Station is a stark contrast to the silk factory, but its functionality and features green would be appropriate so it is merged with the historic environment.

Tomioka Station 3D Architectures a542Ideas
Tomioka Station 3D Architectures a542Ideas

All design Tomioka station is creating lines of silk with an innate pattern that creates a fabric cover that highlights the entrance to this World Heritage Site. The roof of the station is built using a wooden frame with a tension member to act as shutters. The surface of this amazing deck is covered with three types of glass: clear, high reflection and laminating photovoltaic cells. The architecture of this complex is one way in which sunlight is used optimally, making it a station very environmentally friendly and energy efficient. From the perspective of the crow flies, the station cover has a wave-shaped roof that seems very attractive. The canopy or roof of the station Tomioka starts from the ground level – and has many places where plants are colorful and attractive flowers that grow in the glass itself and gradually the veil begins to strengthen and expand as passing over the station.

Tomioka Station unique architecture

Tomioka Station unique architecture gives the impression that the station as a work of art. The environmental aspect of the station with flowers and plants, adds an attractive and aesthetic quality. The station was built at different levels are not as high as that would make the best use of limited space. Tomioka Station would allow the station to a very large and very functional. Moreover, the canopy increase the natural light without heating the interior. Energy conservation and sustainability are two of the most important that this building is used as the basis for the operation. Lots of green areas will be provided at the sides, making it visually appealing and environmentally friendly too.

Tomioka Station designed is  Nagatomo and Minnie design in January is very attractive, which juxtaposes modern history to produce a building worthy!

Images Credit: misosoupdesign: Tomioka Station