Environmentally friendly cities Buildings

Top 5 Green Cities of The Future Buildings

This is a Top 5 Green Cities of The Future Buildings. Our dear Mother Earth is at stake, and shamefully, they are the reason behind it.Our activities have adversely affected the environment, and is still in the process.Its time now to be bothered by the environment and degrading work for improvement. Otherwise, you will be responsible for a precarious future in which future generations will be accommodated.

Environmentally friendly cities
Environmentally friendly cities

The three basic functions of our planet that sustains life on it, ie air, water and soil lost due to the quality of the different pollutants. There have been reports that renewable energy sources are rapidly depleted, resulting in a serious energy crisis in the near future. These and other reports on the environment, has sent a series of earthquakes along several organizations worldwide environment.Environmental activists have become very concerned about this and has led to the creation of a concept, called Green City.

Green Cities are concepts that includes the construction of cities, with the help of various innovative techniques. These innovative techniques to follow certain parameters, such as the ecological balance, control of green energy, sustainable development, and everything deteriorates us from the environment. So, now let’s take a look at the five cities with the environment of the future.

1. Crystal Island Buildings

Crystal Island Buildings
Crystal Island Buildings

Crystal Island, in the final will be the largest building in the world with a green city in the interior. The allocation of the construction of this building was officially granted to be built in Moscow. To be precise, on the peninsula between Moscow River Avenue between Andropov. The whole project was initiated by Norman Foster, who is the founder and chairman of Foster + Partners. According to him, Crystal Island is one of the most ambitious construction projects in the world and represents a milestone in the history of 40 years of practice. This is a paradigm of compact, mixed-use development, urban, with an innovative energy strategy and skin “smart” that cushions against extreme weather events.

As the statistics of the building is read, it seemed to reach a height of 450 meters and cover an area of ​​approximately 2.5 million square meters and nearly half a million square meters. The total estimated cost of the building would be $ 4 billion.From the outside may seem like a huge structure, but in reality will be in much bigger and spacious. Is supposed to have 3,000 hotel rooms, approximately 9,000 apartments assets. It will also have a school that held 500 students, exhibition centers, catering companies and many more stunning structures in the internal electricity is generated using it.The Mini solar and wind, and to this end solar panels and turbines have already been mounted on the inside.

2. Power Center Buildings

Power Centre Buildings
Power Centre Buildings

Looks like a hive from a distance, but when you approach, which happens to be a different scenario. This hive, which is supposed to be released in southern Seoul, will give rise 77,000 inhabitants. Each node Gwanggyo Power Center will have offices, houses, shops and many more sectors. This is estimated to have approximately 200,000 square meters of housing, 48,000 square feet of offices, 200,000 square meters that culture, retail, leisure and education, and parking for 200 000 square meters was allotted.

The site is very quiet, as it is surrounded by a beautiful lake and hills. The project aims to improve the quality of green surrounding a much greater. The realization of this project was provided in 2011.It is being built in collaboration between Daewoo and MVRDV.

3. Green City in Singapore’s skyline Buildings

Green City in Singapore's skyline Buildings
Green City in Singapore’s skyline Buildings

All Singapore looks forward to the completion of the green city, whose design won an international competition based green complex. The renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners won the award for this design, which should be the green complex first in the world.

The walls of the towers of this massive structure has solar cells that filter the sunlight and use in solar energy production. The building is formed to be able to channel the air down in the internal streets, inorder to keep the interior cool and comfortable. This construction is highlighted copies, regarding environmental protection is concerned. It has also been integrated with several innovative techniques, favoring green and a robust ecosystem. Some of them are – rainwater collection, geothermal heating and cooling the various mechanisms. It will be a paradise on earth.

4. Masterplan for Nanjing, China by CK Designworks Buildings

A green city for Nanjing-Masterplan for Nanjing, China by CK Designworks
A green city for Nanjing-Masterplan for Nanjing, China by CK Designworks

Following the desire to be the major contributor in the field, diffusion, China has taken an initiative to build a green city in the district of Nanjing Pukou. The responsibility of this project was given to an Australian company, CK DesignWorks.

Some estimates, the town square will be an area of ​​20 square kilometers and 200,000 inhabitants will be housing. There will be many Chinese cultural elements, a clever way to show the world. There will be a 5 star hotel, with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The city is spreading the message of protecting the ecology and environment by promoting renewable energy and harness also have many green plantations. This project includes a fusion of green spaces and culture, and would certainly be a lesson for the rest of the world.

5. Lilypad – A green safe haven of the future Buildings

A perfect destination for climate change refugees, Lilypad is supposed to be a city with zero emissions, floating in the ocean. The design is inspired by a lily.According to Vincent Callebaut, the creator, is a concept for a completely self-sufficient city floating, designed to provide shelter for future climate refugees.Each Floating Lilypad has about 50,000 people in it.

It was built with various technologies, namely solar, wind, biomass, tidal, – with the help of which can produce its own energy. Also can process the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and can be inhaled through the skin, which consists of titanium dioxide. Lilypad is covered with green roofs and walls on three sides and the top is covered with grass. The interior is an oasis, and under the bed is in many marine plankton and ocean plants. The floating city will remain close to shore or stay aloft from Ecuador to the water bodies in the northern hemisphere.