bamboo wall stickers

Trendy Wall Stickers for your Home Decorating Idea from Magicwalls

bamboo wall stickers

Magicwalls Wall Stickers is a new webshop with stickers trend for young and old.The products sold on is characterized by its modern design and original, and thus offer a unique accent to your home.

Beautiful designs and concepts are of high priority. Our collections may be modest, but no less exclusive. The “Living Collection” is organic designs for modern concepts. It offers a creative solution for every room. In search of a magical world that we are children, full of dreams and surprises? Your imagination run wild and take a dip in our wonderful “Kids Collection”.

All Wall Stickers are made of removable colored vinyl matt. Because this film is ultra-thin people will think you spent hours to paint the wall, when it actually took only minutes to transform your home. Our products can be easily applied, even on slippery surfaces such as walls, windows, refrigerators, furniture surfaces, plastic surfaces, etc …

Sodafish Wall Sticker was founded in 2006 by Tom Nulens and specializes in graphic design and photography. The company developed a series of graphics products for businesses and individuals, and sells them on the market over the Internet.