Much needed urban green space planned for city of Tianjin. Rapidly growing cities are responsible for much of the pollution levels and environmental degradation. One hopes that the development has a price, but the cost was high enough to merit attention. Countries like China are growing rapidly and the large-scale development was a concern, not progress, but because of this development has been done to the environment. Ecowan project was designed to provide green spaces in the city of Tianjin, to give residents a recreation area that is removed from the gray concrete structures and restore the vegetation of the city.

Riverside Park Project - 3D Architecture

Riverside Park Project – 3D Architecture

The project design was conceptualized by the Design Group and has a theme Kalarch triple green space. It will be located near New Hangu Center and is primarily intended for high-tech workers. The project will include educational and recreational activities in the park, including a draft of the city center in the northwest of the extent of 15 hectares and 47 hectares of TEDA WIT Riverside Park in the southeast.

The park is divided into three levels. City Plaza layer will act as an extension of the functions of the city with multi-purpose spaces, plazas and functional buildings such as retail stores, schools, and home. Layer Urban Park, meanwhile, will cover most of the activities of workers and their families as a playground for children, a sports park, a jogging and cycling, a historical park, the amphitheater and to house a botanical garden of native plants. The last layer is called Nature and consist of two sublayers of a working vineyard and a forest. The layer will act as a green backdrop of nature to the park and is at a higher level of topography. The forests of large trees and the geometric patterns found in the rural landscape of northern China are the inspirations for this layer.

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