Named as Valley Effect, the new design that promises to develop a positive carbon ecosystem and natural built environment. It is natural to reach the valley the environment in a compact urban environment with the help of interconnected towers that offer a unique model of urban agriculture separately.

Valley Effect-a Terraced Urban Farm

Valley Effect-a Terraced Urban Farm

At a time when lifestyles are flourishing with negligence in the cause of nature and living spaces are more compact, designers have creatively used the mass of the building to provide maximum space opened in a urban compact. As such, the apartments will have access to at least 50 square meters of open garden. Even the sliding window boxes umbrellas are used more and more numerous smaller plants. This will allow residents to become self-sufficient in many vegetables and fruits. It can bring back the charm of ancient agriculture.

Images of Valley Effect: Futuristic Greener Living Design

It is a terraced urban farm.

There are also provisions for renewable energy production. As such, the buildings must be aligned with the wind patterns to create an effect of valley and maximize the performance of wind turbines on the site. In addition, outside of all buildingswill be equipped with more than 4,800 solar panels and fiber optic light collection system rooted in a Parasol With these measures, each block would be the excess production of electricity by 121 percent and consume only 45 percent of water. Each apartment has a bike that would be able to clean energy feedback tothe network with a new plug out of the system.