Vertical Safari-general view

Vertical Safari in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vertical Safari-general view
Vertical Safari-general view

Here is a Vertical Safari in Buenos Aires. The animals were not excluded in the scheme of things. Studies + influx has proposed building a zoo near vertical massive reserves of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. This ensures that the use of the area is minimized while being capable of advancing the cause of conservation of fauna. The skyscraper will house a zoo Ferris wheel stops at each level, giving visitors a glimpse of the animals. The wheel is moving at a very slow speed, a termination circuit means 30 minutes. The top of the zoo is a resting point where visitors can drink coffee or browse the gift shop.

Images of Vertical Safari in Buenos Aires

Vertical Safari Architects: INFLUX_STUDIO
Vertical Safari Location: La Reserva, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vertical Safari Client: ARQUITECTUM
Vertical Safari Area: 95,000 sqm
Vertical Safari Project Area: 5,000 sqm
Vertical Safari Project Year: 2009-2010