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Aquavista Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquarium

Are you someone who likes fish, about the aquarium? but you’re also someone who does not want, such as the obligation to feed fish and clean the aquarium to be bothered? new technology came about aquariums. The aquarium is an aquariumPanoramic Aqua Vista that is recessed into the wall or hang it on the wall like a flat-screen TV.
This ideal aquarium fish freshwater tropical aquarium autonomous Aqua VistaPanoramic wall is so low maintenance that you have fed your fish daily. The Panoramic Aqua Vista is pre-assembled with an automatic, double-filtration, heating, air pump, lighting, and a carbon dioxide generator, which allows the mostexotic plants thrive in the live underwater Mecca. Like all Aqua Vista Wall Aquarium, has each unit has a built-in touch-panel control that allows you into the aquarium foreasy maintenance and inspection program.
The Panoramic Aqua Vista is wide in the 5 ‘and 6 m and is available in two colors: black and silver. For those who are far from a fixed budget, there are individual solutions up to 10 m wide available. Each model is safe and easy with two brackets, steel-reinforced hanging wall of the aquarium. The aquarium is the panorama AquaVista ideal design solution for your home or office that wants a large aquarium on the wall, without the hassle of maintaining an aquarium. Further information here.

Aqua vista Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquarium
Aqua vista Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquarium