Davyhulme Wetlands and Anaerobic Digestion Park

Water Recycling Design Proposed As An Alternative To BREP

Davyhulme Wetlands and Anaerobic Digestion Park. Barton renewable energy plant proposed to be built in Davyhulme, Manchester has been in dispute and opposed to many people because of this skepticism that revolves around social impact in general. Consequently, this biomass incinerator was rejected by the Council Trafford last year on the premise that the plant site is not far from residential areas and may have a negative impact on the regeneration of the local area. Analyze the problems posed by different social groups and local residents who opposed BREP, a student named Thomas Petch, a student at Manchester School of Architecture has developed an alternative proposal.

Davyhulme Wetlands and Anaerobic Digestion Park
Davyhulme Wetlands and Anaerobic Digestion Park

It solves a system of wastewater recycling as an alternative development strategy for BREP. The design of the new waste recycling with the support of research based on the results and concerns CWRO (Breathe Clean Air Group), a group formed by local residents against BREP. The proposal with the existing facilities built for public lands combined wastewater and organic waste treatment and mutually reinforcing with the anaerobic digestion process.

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It manifests itself as a tourist attraction of large scale ecological architecture.

The design is also home to several beautiful features and environmentally friendly, like an aquarium, pools of rainwater catchment research and an aquatic complex.There is also an outdoor spa, which uses the waste water treated by heating after low-quality programs of anaerobic digestion. Overall, the architecture will serve as a major attraction for eco enthusiasts.

Images Credit: MSA