School of The Arts

WOHA Architects: School of The Arts

WOHA’s School of the Arts project fuses sustainability with practicality. The need to design sustainable buildings has never been more important than today. Since the buildings themselves consume huge amounts of electricity due to heating and cooling requirements, which contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and waste. But WOHA, a Singapore-based design and architecture firm, is a company with a difference, to create sustainable commercial structures trying to quit at least possible environmental impact. In 2009, the company completed work on the Singapore Art School, a perforated structure that allows for ventilation and natural light to all areas of the interior.

School of The Arts
School of The Arts

The new design has two levels connected visual backdrop and blank canvas called with the bottom layer used for public communication and the top layer of the strong interaction. Although there is no division between the two, the visual connection ensures that they are linked. The backdrop is a podium that houses a concert hall, black box theater, drama and performing small spaces. It is through this level that the school communicates with the public. Small spaces are naturally ventilated, leaving the need for the acceding countries far behind. There is also a civic amphitheater built under the trees.

The black cloth, meanwhile, serves as a school of education. All classes are the studies are well ventilated with natural light. Use a green facades air filtration system to remove dust and excessive glare, while the acoustic ceilings absorb noise.

WOHA school building designed to maximize ventilation and not only light but also to facilitate the flow of the gentle breeze. The roof is home to an amusement park and a running track of 400 meters, also provide an outlet for their energy.

School of The Arts: WOHA Architects

The school combines a high-density, inner-city school with a professional performing arts venue.

WOHA design has been acclaimed by many. The company is known for the design and construction of sustainable buildings and even received an award for past projects.

Architects: School of The Arts – WOHA Architects
Location: Zubir Said Drive, Singapore
Project Team: Wong Mun Summ, Richard Hassell, Sim Choon Heok, Chan Ee Munm, Esther Soh, Ian Donlan, Teh Tien Hwa, Alina Yeo, Kwong Lay Lay, Nixon Jose Sicat, Alen Low, Christina Ong, Evi Syariffudin, Germain Goh, Merlinda Song, Muhammad Halim Bin Wahab, Ong Ker Shing, Pamela Choo, Sabrina Foong
Project Cost: S$121 million
Project Size: 52,945.54 sqm
Completion: 2009
Images Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall