Zwaansbroek Design

Zwaansbroek Design Study in Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

A futuristic vision for housing and water management at Haarlemmermeer. Having always been inspired by the Dutch tradition of water management and land reclamation technique. Therefore, this project developed an innovative and sustainable land resulting in the maximization of utility and provide the landscape with different spatial characteristics.

Zwaansbroek Design Study_b397ll_Architecture
Zwaansbroek Design Study_b397ll_Architecture

Urban landscape and architectural view of the Netherlands have launched a housing project in Haarlemmermeer, use and application of innovation space for the restructuring of the urban landscape of the west. This project will be prosecuted for his client Wonen AM. The crux of the project focuses on the management of the water board, in addition to a house at the head of affairs.

For effective management of water, which planned to build a relief of the dunes in the polder. This would allow efficient storage of water and also act as a substrate for sustainable living environments of some special. The sand will allow large amounts of water to be stored to serve the water needs of the city.

Zwaansbroek Design Study

A futuristic vision for housing and water management at Haarlemmermeer –¬†Zwaansbroek Design Study

As compact residential areas can be built along the upper reaches of the relief with the possibility of underground parking, and rural households can be scatteredon the sides and around the lower areas.

Therefore, from the above explanation one thing can certainly be concluded that the stacking of the residential and water storage in a limited area is an example of optimum use of space or words of view, which is the space innovation that helps us to save space, money and other valuable resources.

Images Credit: landscape-architects